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The Topps Digital Services program management team consists of industry veterans (many former retailer and activator professionals), all working on behalf of our clients to maximize program return. 

The Topps team acts as a extension of our clients, allowing them to “own” a program without adding the required internal resources.  Typically, clients simply need 1 full-time employee dedicating approximately 25% of their time to internal management (approvals, brand, legal, accounting, payments, etc.).

Teams are locally based in the markets they manage. Offices are in the USA (Los Angeles, Charlotte, New York City, Minneapolis, Phoenix, San Diego), United Kingdom, France, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and India.

Through a Topps Digital Services partnership, clients can focus on their strategy and growth, while significantly reducing the operational burden required for a successful global program.  Key operational elements managed on behalf of clients include: 

  • Retailer Meetings & Presentations
  • Placement Negotiations
  • Retail Channel Marketing
  • Inventory Planning and Analysis
  • Retailer Activation Service Provider (ASPs) Communication and Coordination
  • Card Production Management
  • Industry Conferences and Events
  • Performance Analysis & Recapping
  • Forecasting and Planning

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Home » About » Partnerships with Topps » Daily Program Management