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TDS Pulse is a proprietary sales and analytics tool that gives our partners an in-depth view of their global gift card program activity in all distribution channels.

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Pulse provides our partners with interactive access to their sales, redemption and marketing activity seamlessly across multiple retailers & distributors, countries, currencies, formats, and activation companies. Pulse includes interactive data filtering which allows for pinpointing promotional lifts, month-to-month & year-over-year trending comparisons, retailer analysis, data exporting functionality, marketing spend and more.

As an added feature to keeping you and your leadership team abreast of key metrics of your gift card program, Pulse has the capability for dashboards to be pushed to a distribution list of your choosing. It also has configurable “Alerts” that are triggered as key milestones are achieved.

When your leadership asks questions like the following, you will be able to find the answer at the click of a button.

  • Was our recent promotion successful?
  • How are we selling this month?
  • How is the program doing year-over-year?
  • What is our average ring?
  • Who are our top 10 retailers?

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Home » About » Partnerships with Topps » Reporting & Analysis